People who want to be the change–to live aligned with their values and make a positive difference in the world–can’t always find career advice that fits their needs.

At Be the Change Career Consulting, I offer practical advice for change-makers and visionaries. I guide you through the process of understanding your strengths and how to leverage them so you can avoid burnout while doing work you love. I help you build your résumé and research the organizations that are aligned with your values. I also support non-traditional career strategies to help you build a sustainable business, movement, non-profit, or cause. My holistic approach looks at your life as a whole so your career fits with and enhances the life you want to live.

“I love my organization’s cause but not my day-to-day job. Can I do work that I love AND work for a cause I believe in?”
“I want to do work that I believe in. How can I do that?”
“I’m interested in so many different jobs and careers. How do I choose?”
“I love my job, but it has taken over my life. How can I balance my passion for my work with everything else I want to do?

Find a job that resonates and fits your personality, interests and skills

Stand out from the crowd of candidates

Ensure that your next step takes you toward the life and career you dream about

Clarify your vision for your work and life

Demonstrate your value to targeted employers

Develop creative strategies to discover and obtain your job amidst the thousands of possibilities