The Mind-Blowing Science of Transformation

One of my favorite podcasts, RadioLab, explored what happens in the black box of radical transformation, from a caterpillar to a butterfly. In my mind, I just imagined that the caterpillar took a long nap and its caterpiller body became aerodynamic, wings appeared, and then this insect kept growing and changing until BAM! a butterfly. It’s the same being, obviously. The podcast describes how memories make it through the transformation process. However, did you know that within a week, the insect becomes nothing but goo? No body, no wings, no legs or antennae, just yellowish goo.

Although human beings don’t tend to turn into goo when undergoing a radical transformation, it can feel like it. Those dark midnights of the soul, those existential crises when you simply don’t know who you are anymore, those are often the precursors to the next, beautiful stage of your life.

One more interesting fact about caterpillars. Even though they turn into mush before they turn into butterflies, they still have precursors of wings, legs, and antennae while they are still a caterpillar. Think about that for a second. Inside a caterpillar is its future self! And yet it still has to completely dissolve, wings and all, to become that self.

The process of career design is the exploration of your future self. What you will become is already inside of you. Let’s take a look and see what we’ll find! Then it’s simply a matter to prepare for your life once you can fly.

If you’re figuring out what career path you want to travel, I’ll help you explore your options. If you need help with resume writing or interviewing, I’ll work with you on those skills. Become the designer of your own career with Be the Change Career Consulting. Contact me today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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