Top Ten Mistakes in Changing Careers

I work with people changing careers all the time. Most of them (including myself when I was searching for jobs!) made some combination of mistakes that talks about. This is why I emphasize self-reflection, research, and not going it alone. Here’s their Top Ten list in a nutshell (although their article goes into more detail):


  1. Don’t Look for a Job in Another Field Without Some Intense Introspection
  2. Don’t Look for Hot Fields Unless They’re a Good Fit for You
  3. Don’t Go into a Field Because Your Friend Is Doing Well in It
  4. Don’t Stick to Possibilities You Already Know About
  5. Don’t Let Money Be the Deciding Factor
  6. Don’t Keep Your Dissatisfaction to Yourself or Try to Make the Switch Alone
  7. Don’t Go Back to School Unless You’ve Done Some Test-Drives in the New Field
  8. Be Careful When Using Placement Agencies or Search Firms
  9. Don’t Expect a Career Counselor to Tell You Which Field to Enter
  10. Don’t Expect to Switch Overnight

I think this is all excellent advice. My question to you is: what step can you take today to move you in the right direction?



If you’re figuring out what career path you want to travel, I’ll help you explore your options. If you need help with resume writing or interviewing, I’ll work with you on those skills. Become the designer of your own career with Be the Change Career Consulting. Contact me today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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