Career Q&A: What To Do When the Job Search Gets You Down

Q: Job searching is really boring. How can I make it more fun?

A: I completely hear you. The job search is really boring (and frustrating and demoralizing)! So what to do?

You may be familiar with the concept of gamification. That’s bringing in gaming elements to a non-gaming situation, like the job search. There are many ways to do this. You can create a competition with other job seekers to see who can do the most informational interviews in a month. Or you could create a more collaborative “game” where you work with and support others. Just think about what would motivate you more.

There’s also a new online coaching app that’s built on gamification concepts, My Career Design Studio. In this app, you treat the job search like you are an artist building a mosaic. The mosaic tiles are your interests, values, goals, job search activities like identifying companies and networking, all based on best practices for career transitions.

At the very least, bring people into your job search process. Trying to do it alone is the biggest contributor to boredom!

(This was first published in The Muse)


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