People who want to be the change–to live aligned with their values and make a positive difference in the world–can’t always find career advice that fits their needs.

Whether working a women’s economic development group in South Africa or writing grants for a DC-based non-profit, my career has centered around international development and social services. 

With an undergraduate degree in international studies, a master’s in social work, and a doctorate in management, I have worked as an organization development facilitator, project manager, program director, business development director, counselor, and recruiter. 

After 15 years in the non-profit sector, I realized that the aspects of my jobs I most enjoyed were helping people and organizations turn their vision into reality. 

Whether I was mentoring young professionals or running a non-profit board meeting, whenever I was collaborating with passionate and dedicated people, I was inspired. With career development, I am realizing my dream by helping others to realize theirs.


As a career development facilitator, I guide the process of self-awareness so that my clients work with their personalities and strengths in order to make the largest possible impact, both in their work and in the world. 


The best way to make the world a better place is for people who care to find sustainable, exciting and satisfying work. 

If social outreach or global development are your passions, reach out to me and I can guide you on that path. 

If you have dreams or a vision that doesn’t fit neatly into conventional jobs, I can help you explore your options.


Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling journey,

Selected Experience

  • President of Maryland Career Development Association
  • Certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator
  • Certified Advanced Resume Writer
  • Doctor of Management, dissertation on social enterprises in developing countries
  • Masters of Social Work, Management and Community Organizing track
  • Presented thesis topic, “Profit and Social Value: An Analysis of Strategies and Sustainability at the Base of the Pyramid” at 2015 Academy of Management conference
  • Presented paper at the African Academy of Management inaugural conference, “Managing Good Intentions: The Relationship between Donors and African NGOs as a Constraint to Development”


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