Find your Right-Fit Career Coach Facebook Group

Are you finding it difficult to find a qualified career coach online?

Trying to find the right career coach to help you transition into a fulfilling job that meets all your needs? It is hard to know where to look and there are so many different directories of coaches to sort through. How can you tell who is qualified and who is not?

Helping Coaches and Clients Get Connected

Created by trained career coaches, The Find Your Right-Fit Career Coach Facebook group is a marketplace to connect vetted, qualified career professionals with clients who need their services. The closed group approach ensures that the coaches in this group have the training and expertise to help clients and, in turn, the clients who join the group are committed to taking the time to explore their career options with a professional they “click” with. This group is not designed for those who are looking for job listings or simply a resume critique.

By joining this group, both potential clients and coaches will have access to resources on what to look for in the right coach/client fit. Members can post questions, get advice and learn from a variety of career professionals. Here you can find your right-fit coach or client.

Millions of people have benefited from working with a professional coach. This process has resulted in less burnout, higher job satisfaction, a larger salary, and lower stress.

Whether you are a career coach, or someone looking for career coaching help, you do not have to go it alone!

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