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My Career Design Studio™ is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to support individuals looking to gain insight into their ideal fit career, and fulfill their calling.

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Today’s organizations face a diverse and potent set of challenges. The war for talent. Disruptions due to technology and global changes. A voluntary turnover rate of 27% in the U.S.

The ability to retain top talent is essential in such a world, and organizations are recognizing the importance of doing so. Supporting the growth of your employees and students looking to advance their career helps organizations retain top talent, and entry-level job seekers find a more fulfilling start.

Career development isn’t always an easy journey. Not everyone knows where they want to end up or how to reach that desired destination. However, you can make this process easier for employees or students by providing them with the tools they need to be successful now and in the future. My Career Design Studio™ is a powerful tool, built to help individuals find their career calling in a self-paced or instructor-led journey.

A fun, online workspace for students and employees to research, sketch, dream, and implement their vision for a fulfilling life.

Reach more students and employees with fewer resources with My Career Design Studio™. Students get a gamified mobile-friendly program that helps them identify strengths, find right-fit jobs, effectively network, write a compelling resume, and prepare for job interviews. Career centers and Employee Assistance Programs get a customizable, theory-based career coaching app that supplements current programming, expands the reach of each counselor, and measures progress.

My Career Design Studio™ can be used as a stand-alone program for students and employees or could be used in career courses or counseling sessions. The program could also be integrated into non-career courses by assigning one of the 30+ activities to students as a part of the curriculum. My Career Design Studio™ goes beyond other online career programs by providing tailored guidance to students, a fun, comprehensive, step-by-step process that supports effective career decision-making, and a back-end reporting system to track progress.

Are there activities or assignments specific to your university or organization? My Career Design Studio™ can be customized to meet your needs! Do you want a program that shows your pride? My Career Design Studio™ is white-labeled and can use your colors and branding!

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