When working with Be the Change Career Consulting, we will touch on  all aspects of the job search so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. 

If you’re figuring out what career path you want to travel, we'll help you explore your options. If you need help with resume writing or interviewing, we'll work with you on those skills.

One challenge that many job seekers face is motivation. Even if you know what to do, it sometimes feels like you’re wading through mud to accomplish anything. A career consultant keeps you on track by helping you develop a plan and checking in on your progress. Sometimes a gentle nudge is all you need to keep going.

During an initial phone session, we’ll explore whether working together can help you achieve your goals. If we decide to go forward, then you can choose a package that works best for you. We can either meet face-to-face or virtually.

You’ll determine the content of our sessions together based on what you want to accomplish. Our role is partly to challenge assumptions that you hold back from getting the life you want. We also point you in directions based both on research and your personality and strengths.

We also keep you focused and on-task, helping you discover ways to navigate around the inevitable obstacles in your path. You’ll experiment with techniques to keep you focused, inspired, and persistent.

Our goal is for you to develop skills that serve you the rest of your life. Long after you find (or create) your next job, you will have the tools you need to continue to cultivate your dreams!

The Process 

  • When working with a career consultant, you’ll examine your raw materials to clarify your strengths, vision, values, and ideals.
  • As the creative process continues, you will start a back-of-the-napkin sketch of your perfect career and ideal work/life balance.
  • The career design phase reality-checks your ideals to make sure your design is realistic and achievable and makes adjustments where necessary.
  • Using career creation tools, you will create the documents to get you where you want to go: résumés, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, references, and more.
  • The career design portfolio phase stores all your accomplishments and career-related documents for easy access.

Our holistic and individualized approach will help you transform perceived obstacles, doubts and fears into stepping stones, moving you towards the life you want.

During this process, you truly become an architect of your career, designing a life that is rich, exciting, and rewarding.


The Value

Working with a career adviser is an investment in your future, your happiness, your vision, and your long-term financial situation. As an investment, you need to know what type of results you can expect.

Although this directly depends on the energy and effort you put into your career development, we at Be the Change Careers will add value to your life in three ways:

Increased Overall Satisfaction

Imagine jumping out of bed each morning, anticipating the day, excited for what’s to come. Imagine knowing that your hard work today is leading you to an exciting and fulfilling future. Imagine knowing that your skills, interests, strengths and passion are all making a difference in the world, contributing to the world that you want to live in.

Increased Income

Be The Change Careers helps you to increase your income in several ways:

  1. By identifying your strengths, skills, passion, and interest, we set you up for success and high performance that can lead to well-compensated jobs and careers;
  2. We help you assess the full value of jobs, including salary, benefits, opportunity, and hidden costs; and
  3. We shared proven negotiation techniques with every job seeker so that you confidently command what you are worth. Many clients pay for the cost of career consulting with just this information.

More Effective Job Search Strategies

A career adviser can help you focus your efforts and streamline the search process. On average, working with a qualified career adviser can reduce your job search by one month.

If you are unemployed and typically make $70,000 a year, you could save over $5,800 by working with us and employing more effective strategies.

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