My Career Design Studio 

A Comprehensive Career Development Toolkit for Educational Consultants

Do You Struggle with Undecided Students?

As an educational planner, you’re all too familiar with the sinking feeling you get when a student declares, ‘I don’t know what I want to do.’

You know that until the student can tell you what their college and career interests, skills, and values are, you aren’t going to be able to move forward with the college planning process.

So you set out on a quest for a comprehensive career assessment that covers all the bases, but what you find is a plethora of tools that each focus on one aspect of a student’s capability. On top of that, each assessment has to be purchased separately. And guess what? No bonus exercises to help students connect the dots between knowing themselves and making real-world decisions about jobs, college, and majors.

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Not Just Another Career Assessment

My Career Design Studio™ is different — it is exactly what you have been searching for. The program begins with a comprehensive student assessment of interests, values, skills, personality, and strengths, and then provides over 30 activities to choose from along with a connection to O*NET, to help your student apply what they learn from the assessment to making career, college, and major decisions.

The Activities in My Career Design Studio Help Your Students To:

Focus on what they do best, or what they most love to do
Clearly define their career & educational goals
Research college options to see if they are a good fit

And, what’s more, My Career Design Studio is based on the latest motivational, positive psychology, and neuroscience research, so it helps your students to stay motivated and engaged as they work through the activities in the program! 

My Career Design Studio Certification Program

As with all career tools, training is an important piece to helping you learn how to use them successfully with your students. But the great thing about My Career Design Studio is that you don’t need an advanced degree to use it!

Our convenient online, live, 6-hour training is designed for anyone providing career guidance in their practice.  Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • How to use the MCDS Practitioner Dashboard to onboard and manage your students’ progress, make notes, and send messages to them
  • How to use the companion Coaching Strategy Workbook to have meaningful discussions about your student’s assessment results and figure out where they need help in their career and college exploration journey
  • How to select and assign activities from the program to help students understand their own capabilities, fill in knowledge gaps, and showcase them to colleges and employers

And as a Bonus….

When you register for one of our trainings, you’ll also get:

  • 1 year of administrative access to My Career Design Studio ($250 value)
  • 10 licenses for your students to use the tool ($699.50 value)

All of this — training, comprehensive career assessment, 30+ learning activities, and a client management system — for just $995.  

A Worthwhile Investment in Your Practice

If, like many consultants, you charge $500 for your initial client intake session, you will make back your investment in the My Career Design Studio Certification in just two clients!

Upcoming Trainings

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