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    Don’t let bad grades hold you back from a good job

    You might not be a star at physics, geometry, or history but the good news is you can find a job where you never have to use those subjects again. Instead of being hyper-focused on your weaknesses, hone in on the things that are brag-worthy.

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    The Rising of The Curriculum Vitae- Full History

    An infographic describing the full history of CV. Here you may study how did the resume risen and who had used it the first time and how today we are using it.

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    Resume Pitfalls- 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

    How do you prepare a resume that stands out? What does it take to get your resume shortlisted for the interview?

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    How To Make Robot Friendly Resume

    If you want your resume to make the final cut, you should consider letting go of outdated rules and focus on making it robot friendly resume.

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    The Perfect Resume Font, Size and Formats

    An infographic describing the perfect resume font, size and format, For creating a resume, you need to use a legible, most likely font including Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.

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