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How to Write the Resume of Your Life

Resume writing has a rich history. In fact, it is Leonardo Da Vinci, himself, who is credited with writing the first resume, in the form of […]

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The Work Begin$

In the fourth episode of Opportunity Knock$, Lauren and Jarred grapple with a common dilemma of parenthood: how can you be an engaged parent and a […]

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New Year, New Career Coaching Practice for You?

A new year brings with it another chance to write a new chapter in this book called life. The last few years have been challenging but […]

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For the Kid$

Parenthood is such a huge topic in career development that doesn’t get enough attention. For me, a career is a vehicle to live the kind of […]

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How Your Strengths Can Help You Shine When Pursuing Your Career Aspirations

As children we are in awe of super heroes. We might pretend we are them, or at a minimum, have some of their super powers. As […]

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