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Your virtual workspace to envision, sketch, and create your epic masterpiece–your future!

Design Your Career, Don’t Just Work It

Designing your career is like creating a mosaic. There are many different pieces to fit together to create a compelling vision, but you don’t know exactly what it will look like until it is completed. Understanding the balance between what you want and what’s the best career fit for you can be a confusing process. With My Career Design Studio™, this process is simplified using best practices in career development so design your career in a fun, results-oriented environment.

My Career Design Studio™  is your fun online workspace to research, sketch, dream, and implement your vision for a fulfilling, satisfying life. Here, you’ll have access to tools, tips, and activities to discover your strengths, preferences, values, and vision, so you can decide what is most important for you in your next job, career, or business.

A  structured step by step process so you don’t have to figure out what to do next.

Built in motivation tools for when things get tough while you’re learning how to work with your inner critic.

Fun surprises throughout to help keep you motivated toward your career goals!

Certified resume writers help you write an outstanding resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Dream Big and Make It Happen

This is your place to dream big, explore, and break through the inertia that plagues the typical job search. My Career Design Studio™ provides something different. You’re designing and creating the life and career you want, not merely searching for jobs you can do. Career design allows you to increase job satisfaction even before you get hired. You’ll know what jobs best fit you and what you need to do to obtain those jobs.

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I love the new job, the hours are mine to make and the level of responsibility and doing of the right thing (can you say it that way?) is right for me. And you made it possible to get me out of having a job and into a career I love, work that let’s my inner Jedi/goodie two shoes run riot. In a good way!

– S.A.

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