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Resume Pitfalls- 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

For most job seekers, preparing an attractive and efficient resume often means landing up with a lucrative job. More than often, the resume decides when a particular candidate will appear for the interview. Therefore, most candidates try to draft a “scoring” resume, which can help them to avail some or the other form of employment.

Many candidates, who lack the ability to write effective resume, often get their resumes prepared by professional writers, who specialize in drafting good quality resumes. Many-a-times it so happens that a seemingly good resume fails to score.

The resume might look perfect, but eventually lands up in a dustbin. At such times, candidates often wonder about the cause as to why their resume got rejected in the first place. The fact is managers and HR personnel often receive hundreds of resumes whenever a vacancy is advertised, and they just don’t have enough time to carefully study each and every resume. So what they do is they simply skim through the resumes and shortlist those applications which seem interesting, or which look different from others.

That leads us to the obvious question – how do you prepare a resume that stands out? What does it take to get your resume shortlisted for the interview?

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