Designing your career is different than looking for a job. It is a creative, proactive approach that is built on your goals, lifestyle, values, personality, and preferences. When you design your career, you create a path to your perfect-fit job, which is also a path towards a balanced, healthy, and meaningful life. Designing your career can help you avoid burn-out, stress-related illnesses, and all the frustrations related to an ill-fitting job.

Although the rewards of career design are tremendous, so many people settle for a job they can get rather than persistently working towards the one they really want. Why is this? One reason is that they lack a clear process that can help them discover what they really want. Without a clear process, it’s difficult to carve out the time and energy to do the challenging (but rewarding!) work of career design. Just like an artist needs a studio to create great works, you need the time, space, and resources to create a great life. That’s where the My Career Design Studio Virtual Workshop comes in.

My Career Design Studio is designed to create a structured approach to the career design process, but to also fit into a busy and ever-changing schedule. It a self-paced workshop that takes place primarily over approximately 15 emails but also includes video tutorials, lifetime access to the My Career Design Studio app (regularly $399.95), and individual laser coaching with Dr. Ronda Ansted (worth $180). By signing up for the My Career Design Studio Virtual Workshop, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • Access to career assessments and activities that reveal your strengths, goals, and preferences in My Career Design Studio.
  • Over 30 activities to help you gain clarity about your career goals, research different options, and create a job search strategy.
  • An invitation to a private Facebook group to connect you with your fellow career designers.
  • Tools to write an outstanding and effective resume and LinkedIn profile (and cover letters too!).
  • Little known secrets to use LinkedIn for career design.
  • Networking approaches and opportunities.
  • Strategies for dealing with your doubts and fears when you get stuck.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have insight into your goals as well as your obstacles, clarity about effective next steps you can take, and a community that you can continue to rely on as you design your career.

What do you need in order to participate in this workshop?

  • Email
  • A desktop, laptop, or tablet computer: You'll get lifetime access to the My Career Design Studio app which requires just a bit more computing power than a mobile phone.
  • A LinkedIn account (your profile does not need to be filled out).
  • A desire for a fulfilling career and a meaningful life.
  • A willingness to give and receive support from your fellow career designers.

How to Register

This self-paced virtual workshop is worth $579.95. You can get access to the entire program for only $250!

If you think that career design can help you meet your goals, sign up below. If you want to know if this workshop is right for you, you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation at the upper right sidebar of this page.


Your Instructor

ronda anstedDr. Ronda Ansted developed the career design process after years of working in the non-profit and international development sectors. She saw how passionate, hard-working, and highly skilled people could burn out and become disillusioned when they were in a career or job that didn’t utilize their strengths and was a poor fit with their personality. Her academic research into social enterprises demonstrated the impact that people could make when their strengths and passion were fully harnessed and that these people were generally happier and healthier than people who had resigned themselves to “tolerable” jobs. Career counseling became her path to making the world a better place with the belief that when people find a way to use their strengths to do what they love, everyone benefits.

Not only did Ronda develop the career design process, she also used it in her life to create Be the Change Career Consulting. After spending years trying to figure out her calling, changing jobs every year, and struggling with the vague unease that occurs with being in the wrong job or the wrong field, she took stock of what she loved doing the most, the life that she wanted to live, the contribution she wanted to make, and then turned that vision into reality.

Along the way, she picked up a variety of professional skills. She’s been (and in some cases still is) a trainer, an organizational development consultant, an IT program manager, a researcher, a mental health practitioner and manager, a social worker, a community organizer, and a grant writer for non-profit organizations. Her grounding in psychology, research, and career development has ensured that her practice is based on understanding the emotional components of the job search as well as what really works when trying to find employment.

Career design has been field-tested with her clients and is based on academic research in positive psychology, motivation, grit, and decision-making. It can transform a demoralizing and demotivating path leading to a demoralizing and demotivating job into a creative, empowering process that results in a thriving, exciting, fulfilling career.


Testimonials for My Career Design Studio Workshop

“Great insight on how to link my vision to organizations that meet and feed in to it.”
“I saw value in myself and the work that I’ve done.”
“I have been aware of the need to include accomplishments in one's resume, but have had difficulty doing that. This workshop showed me how. Thank you!”
“This experience is priceless. Thanks, Ronda!”
“I loved the opportunity to share what has worked for other participants [in dealing with doubts and fears]. It enabled me to learn about techniques that I hadn’t thought about before. Plus, I didn’t feel so alone. Great exercise!”

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