“Ronda is an excellent person to work with regardless of where you are in your career. She is an intelligent and compassionate listener, and has an incredible and unique ability to really dive deep and get to the core of issues. She’s a creative problem solver and has a talent for asking good questions and really understanding a situation before suggesting advice. She’s helped me to think critically about what it is I want out of a job – and a career – and has given me the tools I need to see measurable results. Working with Ronda has helped me to think long-term about how to achieve my goals and she consistently encourages me to think about what additional skills can help me grow. She has a special ability to perceive areas for growth in her clients and to push them into those areas, while still acknowledging and playing to their strengths. She offers a unique perspective on the working world, and her varied background makes her especially well-suited to diagnose and understand a wide variety of fields. She is able to sympathize with tough situations while still offering a realistic perspective and giving practical advice that is easy to implement.  I can’t recommend working with her enough!”


“There really is no other way to say it, you have been priceless! Saying thank you would somehow be and feel banal. But thank you. Never mind if I could have done it, you helped me actually go do.”


“I have been going through a career transition from a managerial and HR position in the United Nation system to a freelance consulting and coaching. I feel blessed to be refereed to you and working with you in summer 2016. You helped me to get focused, and actually see opportunities and resources available for me straightaway to start developing my career consulting business and to start earning income immediately.”


“I love the new job, the hours are mine to make and the level of responsibility and doing of the right thing (can you say it that way?) is right for me. And you made it possible to get me out of having a job and into a career I love, work that let’s my inner Jedi/goodie two shoes run riot. In a good way!”


“I am enjoying my work and my colleagues are fantastic…Thank you so much for all your support and help through the tough times I had. Words cannot be expressed how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me.”


“I went from sea level to Denver by myself. You helped me get from Denver to the mountain top I was struggling to tackle. The journey, coaching, and alignment of who and I what I am to what I want to do (or actually vs think) is the value you bring, that you improve our chances of going to and getting to places we want to professionally is what at least I think is the value for money part you bring to the table. I wouldn’t have gotten the job or even gone for it without the months we spent leading up to the job posting. I nailed the interviews and that was down to our prep. You got me ready for my big show. I can’t say thank you enough.”


“I got clarity and a roadmap of future steps.”


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