At Be the Change Career Consulting, together we create a life and career plan, a mosaic based on your strengths, values, passion and skills.

You become the designer of your future to create a life of meaning and purpose, a process of career design. Career design is an evidence-based approach and builds on the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and career development.

The premise of career design is that you will be more successful, happier, and more fulfilled when you build your career on your strengths, interests, and values and that your career supports the life that you want to live, instead of the other way around.

When you go through a career design process, you’ll learn not only how to write a resume that showcases your strengths and value to potential employers, but also life skills such as motivation, stress management, and goal-setting and attainment.

This process re-imagines you as the Lead Architect and Head Designer of your life and career and provides systematic and thought-provoking tasks to create the life you want to live. Imagine working in your own Career Design Studio and working through the following process with your personal consultant:

Your career consultant will guide through some or all of these career design stages:

  1. Raw Materials: to learn more about the raw materials you’re working with—you, yourself and your dreams.
  2. The Napkin Sketch: to get a rough idea of what you want and need to love your work and be the change.
  3. My Career Design: to ground your napkin sketch in reality.
  4. My Career Creation Tools: to create everything needed to land or create the perfect job.
  5. My Career Design Portfolio: to showcase your value, creativity, and accomplishments.

Our holistic and individualized approach will help you transform perceived obstacles, doubts and fears into stepping stones, moving you towards the life you want.
During this process, you truly become an architect of your career, designing a life that is rich, exciting, and rewarding.

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